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Notes and Questions for Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn in response to your interview with the prestigeonline 


Given your stature in the ivf industry of Thailand,  your words and opinions can influence people in your field and also important family planning decisions in many couple's life. So instead of stating the obvious "Well today, there is a trend towards delayed childbearing, because women are getting married a bit later in life", you should try to make a change by deciding to only treat patients with genuine fertility related problems, and not couples who purposely decided to have a baby later in life by relying on IVF treatment. Unless you want couples to follow the trend to increase your profits.  Also, not exploit IVF treatment for gender balancing purposes.  Many genuinely infertile thai couples might be facing problems because of too many overseas patients for gender related ivf treatment.  It is obvious that Jetanin's patients from countries like China and India are there (despite of having world class hospital and ivf clinics in their own countries) for gender related fertility treatments.  Those overseas patients can choose not to come to Thailand for IVF but how many genuinely infertile thai couples can actually choose to go overseas for IVF treatment and why would they go overseas for IVF when according to Jetanin and other clinics have world class treatment available to their door steps.


From your interview "there is a trend towards delayed childbearing." It sounds like you are endorsing this trend.  As an example, I would like to draw your attention to one of your success stories posted on Jetanin Hospital's website.  The couple patient didn't seem to have time to have coitus to have a baby and start a family even at the age of 42.  What kind of family are you helping your patient to create. 


What would the baby who is born as a result of your ivf treatment, feel in future when the kid finds out that he was an ivf baby because the parents did not have time to conceive the baby. In my opinion, the patient had considered going on business trips and contests more important than finding time to start a family. While choosing your patients for ivf treatment do you take into consideration the potential psychological issues that the future child may endure due to the lack of family time.   There are some serious ethical issues that need to be considered here.  An IVF specialist in sydney successfully managed to get an overweight couple pregnant naturally.  He worked with them on maintaining a healthy diet while losing weight.  In your above mentioned success story,  you suggested the couple to try naturally for another 2 months. The couple clearly seem to have time constraints problem. Why did you suggest  2 months and what did you suggest?


What is the reason Jetanin Hospital's website has a specific page for thanking indian patients? Jetanin Hospital must be having patients from other countries as well. Why thank only indian patients? Do you have any special soft corner for a particular indian patient hmmm?

When you talk about your field of work and creating a new life. It is important to remember this is perhaps also the only field where the doctors have performed legal or illegal abortions (sometimes healthy fetus) in direct contradiction to your duty as a gynaecologist of delivering a baby.


What does number one IVF specialist or gynaecologist represent? Who declared you number one and what criteria were used?

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