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Just before embryo transfer, Ms XYZ asked Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn if he was sure about the embryo.  He said ' Yes, 100% sure'.  It was revealed that the reviewer made a mistake in reviewing the report and later on Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn  himself admitted that the mistake was done at Superior ART's side. We have evidence to prove their acceptance of the mistake at Superior ART's side.

Ms XYZ  contacted Jetanin Hospital in Jan 2023 to make an appointment with Dr.Jongjate Aojanepong to inform him about the matter instead she was suggested to make an appointment with Dr.Somjate as he is the medical director of Jetanin Hospital.  In response Dr.Somjate organised a zoom meeting on 20th Feb 2023 with Ms XYZ's ex husband . During the zoom meeting,  Dr.Somjate confirmed that he was the one who read all the messages (for 2 years).  In light of this fact,  Ms.XYZ has lodged a complaint regarding Dr.Somjate's misconduct with The Medical Council of Thailand.Additional Info:  Ms XYZ had gone to 2 counsellors (one of them was government supported) for more than 12 sessions of counselling after Jan 2022 where she talked everything about her life, marriage and messaging to Dr. Somjate Manipalviratn (year by year).  The counsellor has a report.  All counsellors and authorities supported her decision of ending her marriage.  The counsellors have the report and can be presented if needed.  She had problems in her marriage way way way before she met Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn. She remembers how she felt, crying for years (sometimes in public) and frequent fights during 20 years of her marriage. She regrets for not getting divorce earlier.  She is pretty and nice enough to find someone in Australia itself. She did not have to go all the way to other country from Australia/Singapore to have an affair.  In our opinion,  Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn seemed to exploit her emotions to divert her attention from Superior ART being negligent, to himself to avoid paying compensation and also to stop her from saying the truth about their mistake.   We believe Dr.Somjate started flirting with her and reading her messages for a vicious reason however while doing so he started having feelings for her and people around him must have already been knowing about his feelings for her.  

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