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Hello Everyone,                                                                                                              (Last updated: 08.03.2024)

Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn is an unethical doctor and immoral person who is acting as professional.  Ms.XYZ would like to share her experience with Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn.    

While Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn was working at Superior ART and Jetanin Hospital, he had one patient (Ms XYZ) who went to Superior ART for IVF treatment. 

During IVF cycle Dr.Somjate was being very friendly with her.   Dr.Somjate also encouraged her to visit Bangkok alone for the IVF treatment while she didn't want to go to Bangkok.  He claims to be very busy,  he used to reply to her emails sent to his work email address almost immediately.  Specifically, when she informed him via email about being unable to remove her wedding ring as she was asked to remove all the jewellery before egg retrieval procedure.  He sent email to her explaining how she can use oil and plastic bags to remove the ring.   He used to call her after egg retrieval procedure to discuss about medical procedure where he could have called her husband (now ex-husband). He wore 'I love Bangkok' Tshirt in one of the appointments to catch her attention because he knew she loves Bangkok and  he smiled when she complimented him for his T-shirt.  He also said yes to her coffee date invitation with a smile on his face (it was as if he knew that she was going to ask him for a coffee...suspicious).  She wished Dr.Somjate on valentine day via email to which he replied wishing her valentine day (same day). He seemed to be enjoying her attention and feelings for him. She is quite pretty and used to get modelling offers when she was young and in India.  Now that we think about it, it may have been a trap already set before the 2nd cycle even started. 

In a response(email) from Dr.Somjate to Ms.XYZ's email an invitation to iMessage's was attached to the email.  Dr.Somjate used his Superior ART's work email (that he had provided to her during IVF treatment) as his apple ID to send invitation to iMessage to Ms XYZ.  Ms XYZ who was having feelings for Dr.Somjate and already having marital problems started sending messages to Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn and  Dr.Somjate surprisingly started reading her romantic iMessage. He read her messages every day sent to him throughout the day (atleast 4 times a day) for 2 years without responding. On average She sent messages for 2 hours spread throughout the day and he read them immediately (read notifications) which made her feel he was always there waiting for her messages. He neither took any initiative to inform her family about it nor did he block the incoming messages.  Sending read notification (his side) and receiving read notifications (her side) became a form of responses because of which she continued to send messages and it lasted for 2 years.  It kind of became an online affair between Dr.Somjate and Ms XYZ.  Before anyone starts judging, she had a difficult marriage which she talked about in her messages and Dr.Somjate kept reading them making her feel his warmth.   Eventually she stopped sending messages because he didn't seem to leave or block her messages.  She always wondered about the reason Dr.Somjate kept reading her messages. He didn't come in real to meet her while still kept reading her messages, which raises a question about his motives. Ms.XYZ visited Jetanin Hospital once to meet Dr.Somjate but was questioned quite rudely by a nurse present there at that moment.  Ms XYZ told her husband (now ex-husband) straight away when she became aware of her feelings for  Dr.Somjate while she was in Bangkok for the treatment. She also told him about sending messages to Dr.Somjate. 


If  Dr.Somjate is honest, he will provide his side of this matter which is more than just reading messages because Ms XYZ believes there is more to this matter than reading messages which only he can say.  We feel pity for Dr.Somjate that despite of being successful and famous doctor in Bangkok, he felt the need to create importance in Ms XYZ's life by not being considerate and not coming forward to take responsibilities of his deeds earlier.  Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn owes honesty to people around him, his patients and most importantly to Ms XYZ.  Dr.Somjate should set a better example for the community and future generation by coming forward to explain his deeds.

Ms XYZ have been waiting for a year now for a response to her two complaints sent to senior management of Jetanin Hospital.  What is it that they are waiting for to tell everyone the truth? 


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